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Green Marine Ltd PartnerGreen Marine Ltd,
a joint venture between Bourbon Marine Services group,
Orlean Invest, Oando and Caverton
is a provider of Offshore Oil and Gas operating from
Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone.

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GML is a leader in offshore oil and gas marine services.

GML assists its customers to develop their worldwide operations a broad range of services and next generation, powerful multi-purpose vessels, adapted to the demands of both by offering them deep water and continental offshore. With its focus on safety and operational excellence.

GML guarantees a high and consistent level of quality.

GML operates an active fleet of supply vessels; repair, inspection, maintenance and vessels; crew boats and tugs supporting the Nigerian offshore oil and gas industry. With approximately eighty vessels on charter, it has become the largest supplier of offshore support vessels in Nigeria.

GML is committed to complying with the Cabotage Act. The company has entered into new vessel building programme with a Nigerian shipyard. To date, GML has built approximately 40 Surfers, high speed crew vessels, at an approximate cost of USD100 million.

Experiencing consistent and rapid growth over the years, whereby six Nigerian employees were working on the jetty and on board the company’s four river boats in 1995. The company in 2012 employs a total of 1,500 staff of which 95% are Nigerians.

GML is one of the few Nigerian marine companies that employs and trains Nigerian officers and ratings, allowing them to amass the relevant “sea time” required for sitting for their marine Certificates of Competency and to obtain their STWC95 (Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping) certificates in compliance with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) requirements.

Now GML, owns many of the vessels outright and has entered into innovative lease/purchasing agreements to acquire many more vessels.

Due to the inability to acquire sea time by aspiring Nigerian Merchant Navy officers, GML recognised this as a challenge many years ago and has invested greatly simulators, local and international trainings and crew competence development program solve this challenge and has succeeded in assisting many young deck officers reach their full potential Partnering with local communities in sponsoring projects and upgrading existing community facilities e.g. roads, boreholes, renovation of class room blocks, drainage etc. GML also supports local entrepreneurs by awarding contracts for jobs to be carried out in its operations.


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Green Marine Ltd

Office Location: ITT office ground floor,
F.O.T., Onne, Rivers State, Nigeria
Contact Person: Kunle Areogun
Tel: +234-803-3008086

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