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TenarisPipe Coaters Nigeria Limited (PCN) was incorporated in Nigeria in 2010.
Its modern facility, built to international standards, is centrally located in the Federal Lighter Terminal (FLT).
PCN took over the assets (coating plant, mobile equipment units, buildings, stocks, personnel, experience references, capacity and capability) of the former Socotherm Nigeria Limited.
The facility occupies over 150,000 sqm and is comprised of anticorrosion, concrete weight (impingement and compression methods), internal, bend and thermal insulation coating plants as well as double jointing and anode installation facilities.

PCN specializes in the following coating services to the oil, gas and water transportation industries:Pipe Coaters Nigeria

  • External anti-corrosion and mechanical protection Coating;
  • Concrete weight coating (impingement and compression methods);
  • Internal coating;
  • External anti-corrosion & multi-layer mechanical protection coating of line pipe bends and accessories;
  • Thermal insulation coating;
  • Sacrificial bracelet anode Installation;
  • Double joint welding.

PCN’s plant is able to coat pipe from 4″ up to 60″ OD with a capacity over 1,000,000 sqm/y. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Operations and tests are certified by an international third party.

Ninety-five percent of PCN’s employees are Nigerian nationals at all levels, including top management. The competence of nationals is developed and sustained through in-house and third party training inside and outside Nigeria.

All fixed assets of the company are in PCN Nigeria’s books. The activities of the company support the growth of the Nigerian oil & gas industry and the local communities. All available raw materials are procured in Nigeria.

PCN is licensed by the Oil and Gas Free Zone Authority at Onne.


Industrial Activities