Industrial Activities

Tenaris Global Services Nigeria Limited (OCTG)

Centre of excellence

A history of mutual growth

Tenaris started supplying OCTG pipes in Nigeria in the 1980’s and it has been building its local presence ever since. In 1998, the company opened a representative office in Port Harcourt and, one year later, a stock area was built in Onne. By 2002 another commercial office was installed in Lagos. One year later, a full yard was established in Onne to provide OCTG pipe management services to our Nigerian customers. Construction of a state-of-the-art threading facility was launched in 2004 in the Onne free trade zone. By threading pipes in country and working with Nigerian human resources, material and services, we help customers comply with government regulations and directives regarding the oil and gas industry.
Tenaris anticipated the latest legislation regarding local content requirements that came into effect in 2010.


Tenaris Peoples

The company has an ambitious investment plan to almost double Tenaris’s threading capacity in Nigeria. This project will increase annual threading production capacity to approximately 45 thousand tons and create approximately 50 jobs for Nigerian locals.
In 2011, we joined forces with Pipe Coaters Nigeria, combining our industrial know-how and technical capabilities with PCN’s proven expertise, to provide our customers with a complete package of line pipe and coating services for deepwater applications.

A unique value proposition for Nigeria

A substantial share of Tenaris production takes place in Nigeria, thus contributing to the federal government’s goal of increasing the Nigerian content in the oil and gas sector.
Our products are well suited to Nigeria’s complex environment, both onshore and offshore. We offer a select set of premium connections to support the local oil and gas industry. Our TenarisHydril Blue® Series reduces drilling risk with reliable performance, while TenarisHydril Wedge Series 500™ provides superior compression and bending resistance.
Since the alliance with Pipe Coaters Nigeria in 2011, Tenaris is now capable of providing locally not only a full package of solutions for line pipe deepwater applications such as internal, anticorrosion, concrete and thermal insulation coatings, but also other tubular value-added services such as double jointing.
Through an alliance with PCN, Tenaris is able to provide line pipe coating solutions for deepwater applications.
Our services are delivered through local people who possess real knowledge of the conditions and are fully trained in the use and application of our products. We are developing local skills and human capital.
To provide customized solutions, we specially designate an account manager as a single contact point to report and coordinate the activities for each customer’s particular projects. Our staff organizes the entire supply chain from manufacturing and shipping to reception at a designated stocking point. By May 2010, 56,000 pipes had been threaded in Nigeria.
At the well site, we work side by side with our customers to perform services such as visual inspections, verification, confirmation and monitoring. Tenaris’s technical staff provides advice on preparation and handling of connections, and assists in the detection of possible anomalies or deviations.

Actual site



A local workforce

From the 116 Tenaris employees in Nigeria, only 7 are expatriates. At our main threading facility in Onne, Nigerian nationals hold all positions including that of plant manager. US$300,000 invested in local team’s training from July 2008 to December 2009.
Enhancing development and career opportunities for local professionals is an essential part of our philosophy and daily work. Tenaris supports ongoing training opportunities for Nigerians employees.

Industrial Activities