integrated logistics facilities & services

MGM Lines

Today MGM Lines offers services with regular departures from the Mediterranean to West Africa, the Caspian region and Iraq. It also offers clients its expertise on shipping materials to every corner of the world, particularly as regards exceptional items (oversized or heavy), which require in-depth, accurate research and planning. Many years of experience means that MGM Lines services provide a timely response to the key needs of worldwide oil & gas clients: regular departures, fast deliveries with short periods of transit, no transshipment and door-to-door delivery if required. These factors have made the shipping company a successful business for many years. THE FLEET In order to guarantee excellent results for its clients, MGM LINES uses modern self-sustained vessels with a lifting capacity of over 1000 tons, project cargo, exceptional items, special equipment and liner containers.



MGM Lines offers its clients a wide range of specific, targeted services which meet every requirement of companies in the oil, petrochemical and gas sector.

• Storage of materials prior to shipment, including warehousing

• Transport by barge

• Container services

• Handling of exceptional goods (overweight, oversize) with assessment and lifting/transport engineering

• Door-to-door services

• Logistics support

• Planning of methods of transport

integrated logistics facilities & services