integrated logistics facilities & services

Eko Atlantic FZ Limited

Oil &Gas Free Zone, Lagos


Free Zones Consultants

Day-to-Day Management

The government has outsourced the day to day management of the three Oil & gas Free Zones to three different organizations namely:
D.M.S. Nigeria Limited
Port Free Zone Services Limited
Eko Atlantic FZ Limited

The Goals of the consultants are:

  • Create employment
  • Promote Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Transfer of skill and technology
  • Register up to 25 clients in the next three years



Integrated Oil & Gas Service Centre

Integrated Oil & Gas Service Centre

  • Commercial Port
  • Transit & supply base including workshop, warehouse stacking area
  • Subsea construction and fabrication yard
  • Spooling facility
  • Ship repair yard facility
  • Other facilities – casings, tubulars, machineshop & coating
  • Commercial Area
    • Office, training centre, hotel, convention centre, clinic,
      restaurant, supermarket, banks, helipad, etc.
  • Residential Area
    • Apartments, houses, recreation area
  • Area of downstream oil & gas activities
  • Additional land for future expansion


Companies are committed to implementing all Free Zone incentives:

  • Tax incentives (VAT & WHT)
  • Customs (Import & Export) incentives
    • No Duty payment within the Free Zone enclave
    • 75% Duty Rebate
    • Duty scheduling system(Pre-release)
    • Duty payment on Raw materials
  • Logistics Incentives
    • Immunity from Form M
    • Flexibility of usage
    • Value addition prior to Duty payment
  • Immigration incentives
    • No quota regime
    • Immigration fast track and attendance
      of STR visa.


integrated logistics facilities & services