GDS Sirci (Feb, 12 2014)


GDS Sirci


GDS is building a PVC tubes plant for direct supply in the country and West Africa. The plant will be located in Badagry Free Zone, Lagos, where the company bought 20 Ha of land.
The development will start in January 2014 and the production will in 2015.

The factory is equipped with three independent and automated mixing lines.
Each line is capable of producing up to a maximum of 800kg/h of mix, with an average capacity in normal operating conditions of over 600kg/h.
The three mixing plants are fed by 5 silos, three containing PVC, one containing calcium carbonate and another containing the stabiliser. Smaller hoppers are used for supplying the colourants. Other additives can be taken from mobile containers and added so as to ensure a high degree of production flexibility.



The main machines of a PVC pipe manufacturing line include:

  • extruder
    his machine melts the plastic and forces it through a die to form a tube-like profile;
  • cooling tank
    located soon after the extruder, it has a calibrated cylinder at its entrance. It cools the soft profile leaving the extruder die;
  • drawing machine
    it draws the pipe from the extruder and pushes it towards the successive machines;
  • saw
    it cuts the continuous extruded profile into pipe sections of a pre-defined length;
  • belling machine
    it creates an expanded mouth at one end of each pipe so that pipes can be joined together;
  • palletiser
    (optional) allows for packing a certain number of pipes onto pallets ready for storage/shipment.

PVC pipe fittings production line


GDS Sirci

Badagry Free Zone,