Intels Nigeria Limited (May 14)

Intels Nigeria Limited

Oilfield Transit & Supply base operator


Transit and Supply Base

Intels has built its success on the establishment of Oil Service Centres (OSC) philosophy. Offering a “One Stop Shop” solution to its clients. Its solutions are tailor-made packages of services, port facilities, equipment and personnel specific for each client. Companies operating the Oil & Gas sector, receiving a cargo from oversea at Intels bases, can stock the material in client-dedicated area, thus ensuring delivery to final destination in a timely manner.
This approach allows our clients to significantly reduce transport and handling costs and minimize risk of cargo damage.

Agency for Support Vessels

In Nigeria, as in most other West African countries, all movement of barges, tugs and support vessels into and out of bases, channels and waterways are subject to government rules and regulations. Compulsory pilotage and declaration with the relative law enforcement agencies is required.
Intels acts as a Charters’ Agent and serves to ensure the efficiency in the booking and clearing procedures of vessels, thereby reducing delay and setback and providing an efficient and cost-effective operation beneficial to the industry.

Dedicated Base Concept

Intels provides the facilities, the equipment and personnel to manage and supervise the provision of logistic services to meet the requirements of the oil producing companies. This concept provides assistance from the arrival of cargo, through the stacking/racking stage, to final delivery of materials to the designated transportation medium (support vessels, barges or trucks).


Intels invests heavily in its first class equipment and maintenance program to ensure safe and reliable operations.
Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)
Intels has very high QHSE standards recognized periodically by the major industry players. We are proud of our efforts, standards and accident free work environment.

Onne Oil & Gas Free Zone

onne oil e gas free zone complex

Onne Oil & Gas Free Zone – Federal Ocean Terminal (FOT)


Federal Ocean Terminal (FOT)

Area Size
Jetty Berth: 2,175
Jetty under construction m 750
Drafts m 10-12
Channel drafts m 11-12
Industrial area sqm 551,286
Quay apron sqm 99,220
Warehouses sqm 68,009
Offices sqm 14,919
Boundary area (incl. WAS) sqm 1,980,000


Area Size
Under development sqm 230,000
Under reclamation sqm 600,000
Future development sqm 867,000
Boundary area sqm 23,000,000


Onne Oil & Gas Free Zone – FLT – New Development


Federal Lighter Terminal (FLT)

Area size
Jetty FLT 2-3-4 m 1,677
Jetty FLT 1 (BRAWAL) – 7m draft m 353
Drafts sqm m 7-8-10
Channel drafts sqm m 8-11
Industrial area sqm 2,290,894
Quay apron sqm 61,305
Warehouses sqm 93,680
Offices sqm 22,745
Boundary area
(incl. Camp/Gate)
sqm 3,580,000
Boundary area
(excl. Camp/Gate):
sqm 3,000,000


Warri Oil & Gas Free Zone




Area Size
Jetty m 1,533
Draft m 7
Channel draft m 8
Industrial area sqm 290,964
Quay apron (width 30m average) sqm 45,990
Warehouses sqm 16,458
Offices sqm 4,616
INTELS Offices & Workshop sqm 25,958
Total area sqm 1,020,000
Area developed sqm 50,000
Future development sqm 250,000


Area Size
Jetty m 732
Draft m 6
Channel draft m 8
Industrial area sqm 342,302
Quay apron (width 39m average) sqm 19,561
Warehouses sqm 4,570
Offices sqm 701
Total area sqm 530,000


Calabar Port Complex


Area size
Jetty m 380
Draft m 7
Channel draft m 7.5
Industrial area sqm 40,000
Quay apron sqm 14,815
Warehouses sqm 6,480
Offices sqm 600
Total area sqm 60,000
From Calabar to: distance
Calabar Bar 55 NM
Onne 160 NM
Forcados 248 NM
Escravos Bar 260 NM
Warri 328 NM
Lagos (Tin Can) 412 NM



Enterprise House, Road South,
FOT, Oil & Gas Free Zone, Onne
Tel: +234(0)84463805-14 (10 lines)