Inter Oil Investment (Nigeria) Limited (Feb, 11 2014)

Inter Oil Investment
(Nigeria) Limited

Property of InterOil Estate

Orlean Invest residential estates are purpose-built to provide security within a pleasant and healthy living environment. They offer fully-furnished residential units, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, swimming pools, gymnasiums, children’s playgrounds, football fields, tennis and squash courts, and helipads. There is also a primary school at InterOil Estate (Amadi Creek) and a 4-hole golf course at Rivers Estate.

Medical services are provided by SOS International and state-of-the art security systems are in place. All camp facilities include generous open grassed areas, gardens and mature trees. The "Overall Secured Area" is the principle concept upon which Orlean Invest based the security initiative implemented in all its estates.

Prodeco is the construction company of Rivers Estate, wich land is owned by Inter Oil Investment (Nigeria) Limited.

InterOil Estate

InterOil-Estate-PoolRivers Estate - Sport
InterOil Estate is a prestigious residential estate of 101ac, located in the very center of Port Harcourt, offering 262 apartments. Being close to Trans Amadi, InterOil Estate represents the pairing of a dwelling solution with an ideal commercial location.

1 BR   45 sqm to 60 sqm     184
2 BR 120 sqm to 165 sqm 64
3 BR 234 sqm 12
4 BR 330 sqm 2
TOTAL   262

InterOil - Aereal