Industrial Activities

Hi-Tech Batteries Nigeria Ltd


Green Marine Ltd PartnerBringing the Best Available Technology in lead acid battery recycling and battery production to Nigeria is a win for everyone.


Economically, installing proven and efficient technologies means profitability for the shareholders, job creation and wealth for employees, and a solid tax base for the municipality. Sustainably, scrap batteries now exported to foreign nations will be processed domestically, producing lead to be used for new battery production. Environmentally, organized collection systems ensure hazardous materials are handled with appropriate methods and controls to meet and exceed all current environmental protection standards.

Partnering with Engitec Technologies S.p.A. is partnering with success. Engitec is a world leader in the field of Engineering, Procurement and Construction of process plants for the treatment of non-ferrous scrap, residues and waste materials. Engitec has over 70 years’ experience and nearly 60 scrap battery recycling plants installed worldwide. The CX System is the “State of the Art” in clean lead recycling and is recognized internationally as the Best Available Technology (B.A.T.).

The “Green Cycle” approach of this project means new production of batteries for Nigerian cars and trucks and the recycling of spent batteries from all across the country. There will be two plants, working together, to create a Green Cycle loop of lead recycling and production.

The Integrated CX Plant will initially recycle approximately 1,400,000 batteries (50,000 tons/year of lead), and will be expandable to 2,000,000 batteries to accommodate the full annual requirements in Nigeria. It is expected by 2020 that the plant will be expanded to process 10,000,000 batteries to meet Nigeria’s expected growth. This first-of-a-kind plant in Nigeria will use the latest technologies and produce the highest quality products while meeting the environmental emissions and workers safety standards imposed by the World Health Organization.

The car and truck battery production plant will initially produce 1,000,000 units/year to meet the current Nigerian market and minimize dependence on importation from China and Korea. This plant will use the lead and polypropylene products from the Integrated CX Plant to produce high quality batteries for domestic use.The “Green Cycle” closed loop distribution and collection system will be facilitated by the local “Distributors Group Oando”. New batteries will be distributed to the retail outlets and spent batteries will be collected and returned to for recycling.This project has the potential to be a real win-win-win for Nigeria: an economic win, a sustainability win and an environmental win. This project will to produce wealth for the people and taxes for the government, decrease dependency on foreign imports/ exports, and close the loop on hazardous material handling and disposal. A perfect fit for the largest economy in Africa!

Industrial Activities