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Oil & Gas Free Zone

Nigerian Local Content enhancement and gateway to the West African Oil & Gas industry



Oil & Gas Free Zones offer undoubted advantages and incentives to foreign companies to invest in Nigeria. Some examples of these advantages include:

Oil & Gas Free Zone Authority

Business Incentives

  • 100% repatriation of capital investment, remittance of profits and dividends allowed, no import or export licenses required;
  • 100% of FZ goods can be sold in Nigeria;
  • 100 % foreign ownership of business allowed, duty-free stock, equipment, spare parts, pipes, no double-handling in and out of Nigeria.

Tax Incentives

  • No value added tax;
  • No withholding tax;
  • No corporate tax;
  • No capital gains tax.

Customs Incentives

  • No customs duty payable for goods stored within the Free Zone or goods consumed within the Free Zone (including equipment and machinery);
  • No customs duty payable for export of Free Zone goods to other countries;
  • Free Zone goods may be transferred under customs’ escort from any port or airport of entry in Nigeria to Oil and Gas Free Zones.

Immigration Incentives

  • No quota restrictions for expatriate employees;
  • Free movement in and out of the Zone;
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