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Onne Port Phase

Approved Development – Phase 4

Approval for the development of Phase 4 was granted by the office of the president through the Ministry of transport on the 31st March, 2011. The approval was granted in response to a request from the Federal Ministry of Transport through a letter dated 29th March, 2011.
Due to the current demand of the Oil companies, added with the increased number of projects planned in the Oil and Gas sector, there was a need to expand the current existing facilities in the port.
The development of the Phase 4 entails:

  • Sandfilling and reclamation for a total of 90 ha
  • Widening of the channel entry
  • Federal Ocean Terminal construction of berths 9, 10 and 11 for a total of 750 m of new quay with 12m draft

Phase 4 development


Onne Port   Approved Development - Phase 4

image A: FLT

  • 70 Ha sand fill

Start date: May 2011
Completed: Jul 2012

image B: FOT 9-10-11

  • 90 Ha sand fill
  • 750 m of New Jetty
  • 12 m Draft

Start date: May 2011
Completion: Sep 2014

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