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Port Harcourt International Campus (PHIC) is a purpose-built school situated within InterOil Estate. It is a private, non-profit company whose corporate affairs are managed by elected Directors, among them, senior personages from Rivers State. Our pupils, who come from all religious and ethnic backgrounds – both Nigerian and expatriates – are offered an exciting and unique educational experience.

Port Harcourt International Campus
PHIC opened in September 2007, initially as a Primary School, covering the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1 and 2 of the English National curriculum.
Most recently the pre-school welcomed its first pupils, therefore providing educational continuity from 18 months to 11 years in a safe, attractive and well-resourced environment.
The current pupils, who come from all religious backgrounds, reflect the multi-ethic and international dimension of the school with several nationalities represented. They are offered a broad, balanced, rich and exciting educational experience, based on the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum, as found in England and Wales, while taking cognisance of local cultures and traditions.
Port Harcourt International Campus
The Early Years Foundation Stage educational programme for the younger children covers Areas of Learning and development ranging from Personal, Social and Emotional Development to Expressive Arts and Design, with strong emphasis placed on language and numeracy. The subjects covered by the 5-to-11 age group range from Literacy, Numeracy and Information Technology to History, Music and the teaching of a modern foreign language.

Port Harcourt International CampusPHIC promotes a variety of sports and leisure activities, both during school hours and as extra-curricular activities, to complement its academic programme and to capitalise on the unique sporting facilities available in InterOil Estate.
The local and international teaching staff are qualified, some of higher degree, and all participate fully in regular and ongoing professional development.
The completed PHIC project will eventually include a multi-sport centre and auditorium spread across a campus of some 20,000 square meters which will enhance the present swimming and sports facilities.

PHIC has the capacity to accommodate over 250 primary pupils and the potential to create a senior school, enabling it to offer unique and comprehensive educational opportunities across the complete Primary and Senior age range.
Port Harcourt International School, Onne, an extension of PHIC, will be welcoming its first Pre-school, Nursery and Reception pupils in the near future.

Port Harcourt International Campus

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Office Location:
Port Harcourt International Campus,
Heliconia Park POBox 10895,
Eastern Bypass, Port Hartcourt, 500101, Rivers State, Nigeria

Contact Person:
Head Master – Mr C. Barberi
Tel: +234 (0) 84 463890 Ext 7160,7159, +234 (0)8034070286


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