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Prodeco Limited

(Property Development Company) Limited
prodeco_certPRODECO (Property Development Company) Limited was initially established as an in-house construction organization, but is serving today as a large operating company within the Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria.

PRODECO is involved in all types of civil, building, port infrastructural and maintenance works. The excellence of the Company’s pre-fabricated concrete technology has been recognized across the industry and its experience and achievement grow year by year. PRODECO has outstanding records in the commercial build-to-suit construction sector by providing expertise and knowledge across every phase of a project. Committed to quality, schedule and budget, PRODECO has become a reliable construction company for its Clients.


Company Profile

PRODECO operates in Nigeria with two companies: PRODECO (PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY) LIMITED operating within the main territory of Nigeria and PRODECO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED operating in Onne – Oil & Gas Free Zone.

Introducting PRODECO

  • The first company was incorporated in March, 1996 as a property development company. Over the years, PRODECO has engaged in building and marine construction, infrastructural development and project management for various clients both in the oil and gas industry and outside;
  • The excellence of its pre-fabricated concrete technology has been recognized across the industry and its experience and achievement has grown year by year. PRODECO is considered a leader in the commercial build-to-suit construction sector on the ground of its exceptional expertise and knowledge across every phase of a project. With this underlying strength, PRODECO strives to establish a business approach in tune with the times;
  • PRODECO’s commitment to quality, schedule and budget has made it the most reliable of construction companies for its clients.

The core business of PRODECO focuses on the following activities

  • EPCM (engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance) contracts for marine construction works, including dredging & land reclamation;
  • EPCM contracts for construction & rehabilitation of wharfs;
  • EPCM contracts for shipyard facilities, based on client’s requirement and in-house design;
  • EPCM contracts for facilities – offices, industrial buildings, pre-engineered workshops & warehouses, based on client’s requirements or affiliate’s needs;
  • EPCM contracts for infrastructure – stacking areas of more than 1,500,000 m² constructed in the 12 years to Y2012;
  • Development of residential accommodation (1 to 4 bedroom houses or apartments) exceeding 125,000 m² (equivalent to approx. 1,605 apartment units);
  • Property management and property maintenance of four major estates and two port complexes;
  • Quarry / crushing plant operations, concrete production with six batching plants producing up to 150,000 m³ pa and two prefabrication plants.

PRODECO’s activities break down into:

A. EPCM Port facilities:

With the example of the Federal Ocean Terminal (FOT) and Federal Lighter Terminal (FLT) at Onne Port:

  • Jetty construction and rehabilitation;
  • Industrial stacking areas;
  • Warehouses;
  • Office buildings;
  • Industrial buildings;
  • Roads and Infrastructure.

B. EPCM Residential & commercial facilities:

  • Civil (foundations, earth moving and concrete structures);
  • Pre-fabricated buildings using (CRC) cellular reinforced concrete with elements fabricated at our own pre-fabrication plant at Onne Free Zone – Port Harcourt;
  • Infrastructure and utilities for housing and commercial buildings.

C. Maintenance and operation: effective / efficient in the following areas:

  • Maintenance services for housing & commercial facilities;
  • Security system including entrance control, CCTV, electro-fence and specialised security personnel;
  • Power, water and sewage systems;
  • Communication systems including high-speed internet;
  • Digital television;
  • Restaurants, bars, and clubhouses;
  • Recreation services, sports facilities and children play areas;
  • Janitorial services.






PRODECO’s goals are obtained by a continuous control and monitoring of the following:

  • Quality management and improvement;
  • Project planning & control;
  • Health, Safety & welfare at work.

The above, together with simple and straightforward ethical policies at every level of the company, is our way to satisfy clients.

PRODECO’s construction and maintenance services are executed through a series of interlocking departments at the different work locations covering the company’s in-house clients and external companies.

PRODECO’s organization allows a great deal of flexibility in all areas identified as strategically important, while allowing the company to maintain – through head office control – a sound base in the areas of quality assurance, financial & administration, human resources and construction equipment management.

PRODECO is therefore set to provide a wide range of services for its EPCM projects, its turn-key construction work and facility maintenance.

In order to follow the growth in construction demands in Nigeria, concrete pre-fabrication plants are operating in Onne – Oil & Gas Free Zone and at Warri, using local resources and under the supervision of skilled and experienced supervisors.

Quality assurance

It is the policy of PRODECO to conduct its business in a manner that:

  • Products conform to customer’s requirements and fit the purpose for which they are intended;
  • Inspection and testing of our processes and products are conscientiously carried out;
  • Plans systematic action for customers to have confidence in our products.

Following analysis and evaluation, control and / or corrective measures are made where necessary:

  • Preventive and correction action;
  • Proposals for improvement;
  • Improvement process;
  • Inspections;
  • Quality audits;
  • Administrative audits.

PRODECO’s mission

PRODECO’s mission is to carry out its projects and provide its services, using the most up to date technology and best management techniques to ensure a long-term customer satisfaction.

Intels Headquarter OnneWarehouse Onne FLT
Intels Headquarter OnneWarehouse Onne FLT
Intels Headquarter OnneWarehouse Onne FLT
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Prodeco Limited, Oil and Gas Free Zone Onne Port Complex
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