ENH, Mozambique Port Authority and our 25 years of Nigerian experience to develop a logistic solution for the Oil & Gas Industry

Pemba Oil & Gas Service Center: public and private sector planning the logistic solution for the Mozambique Oil and Gas Industry.


Major discoveries of offshore natural gas since 2010 has provided the opportunity for Mozambique to become a major gas producer and plans are well underway to construct an LNG plant, at Palma in the Cabo Delgado province, in the north of the country, to capitalise on this major resource.


The discovery of between 35 – 65 tcf of natural gas in the Rovuma Basin offshore from the Cabo Delgado and the on-going exploration for further gas and potentially oil had led to a requirement for port and field development infrastructure.
The Mozambique Ports and Railway Authority – Portos E Caminhos De Ferro De Mozambique E.P (CFM) and National Oil Company- Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos E.P. (ENH) have joined together to form a new authority called Portos De Cabo Delgado S.A (PCD) to develop, manage and regulate this port infrastructure in Cabo Delgado province. In April 2013, the Mozambique government issued a decree authorising PCD to produce a concession for the port infrastructure to support the offshore oil and gas industry in Cabo Delgado Province.
Orlean Invest in partnership with ENH Logistics SA and other private investors are in the process of establishing a Public/Private Partnership joint venture, ENH Integrated Logistics Services, SA.
ENH Logistics SA intends to develop a new oil and gas service centre in Pemba Bay to service the northern offshore blocks in the Rovuma Basin, as well part of an integrated infrastructure development plan for Mozambique.
The proposed Pemba Oil and Gas Service Centre will become an infrastructure asset. It will be capable of supporting sub-sea construction activities, as well as offshore support functions and bulk mineral export in order to handle exports from the recently discovered world’s largest known deposit of graphite at Balama, which is approximately 265 km from Pemba by road.