Social Sports


SOCIAL SPORT assets are the results of private contributions as well as financial aid provided by ORLEAN INVEST HOLDING LTD.

Social Sport Social Sport

Sport, Quality and Success

Orlean Invest Stakeholders and Directors, who emigrated 40 years ago, have decided to promote social and sport activities in their countries of origin as a result of their personal experience. They recognize the importance of Sport which has helped themselves achieve goals in their life.

The role of Social Sport Foundation

As a matter of principle, the Company believes all private sector businesses have a moral obligation to be inclusive of their host communities and to contribute as generously as possible to their welfare.
Beyond offering employment opportunities, Orlean Invest sponsors development projects (for example roads, schools and boreholes), scholarships, vocational training, local sports and local community events. The Intels ‘Free Medical Outreach’ is a recent initiative which has had a major impact the provision of healthcare in local communities.
The purpose of the foundation, SOCIAL SPORTS, is to encourage and support sports and social organizations, in order to create a new reality where to promote and develop opportunities for young people, who often have to face difficult situations.
To this day the foundation has received and distributed millions of Euros for the promotion of sport and development of young talent in football.

Orlean Invest donates up to 2% of its revenues for social and sports activities.
For this purpose it also makes use of Social Sports Foundation.
The foundation, SOCIAL SPORT, through the Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors and Advisors will decide how to share the capital between social and sport activities for youths, amateurs, up to the highest levels.